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Empower Counseling, PC -Graves Mill Location

The ACA Encyclopedia of Counseling refers to wellness as "a state of positive which body, mind and spirit are integrated." 



Specialized Individual and Group Outpatient Counseling  


Wellness & Mindful Movement 

Client Testimonial

Trish McCoy Kessler and Empower Counseling came into our lives at a very dark time as our daughter was in the throws of a devastating eating disorder. We and our daughter credit Trish as one of the ones God used to save our daughter's life and to offer us guidance for the right treatment path. Trish is caring and compassionate and truly gifted in helping girls and women navigate through the webs of anxiety, OCD, and other mental/emotional disorders. We thank God for Trish. Our daughter enjoys freedom today from the life-threatening eating disorder and desires to help others as she is pursuing the nursing field. We highly recommend Trish and her team!

18 year old female- Forest, VA 

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